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Aqua Fine Engineering Introduce them as a leading business house in Bangladesh. We deal in different Water treatment Plant of different industries, capital machinery, machinery parts, consumable items and raw materials of different sector.

Aqua Fine Engineering. also committed to provide the highest level of quality products and services. In order to serve our customers better, we have developed different sectors which are as follows

Shortly About Our Company

Different Water Treatment Equipments For Different Industries 
Reaction tank, Dosing Pump, Settling tank, Pre Filter, Sand Bed, Multimedia, Bed (Iron removal unit), Carbon Bed (De-Chlorination unit), Water Softener, (Softening unit), Water Polisher, Ozone Generator, Anion & Cation Bed, Mixed Bed De- Ionizer, Reveres Osmosis, UV Sterilizer, Absolute Filter (0.2 micron or less), Distillation Plant (Multi column)
Capital Machineries
Rinsing M/c, Filling M/c, Capping M/c, Band Roller, Labeling M/c, Decoding M/c, Shrink Wrapping M/c, Pillow pack M/c (liquid, Powder, granular), Cartooning M/c, Blow Molding M/c, Ice-cream M/c (Eskimo Line, Stick Line, Cup Line), Cream separator/Pasteurizer /Homozinizer
Utility Machineries
Heat Exchanger, Air compressor, Boiler, Cooling Tower, Water Chiller, Air conditioning & Refrigeration unit

Aqua Fine Engineering progressively marches forward to achieve its definite objective by diversified dynamism to ensure 100% pure & safe Drinking water to each people of the country through:- Community based water supplying systems & Roof-top water treatment plants. Aqua Pure aims  profoundly to promote the small entrepreneurs by apt motivational activities so that they can spontaneously participate in establishing water purifying plants on commercial consideration through soft & negotiable terms & conditions. Through innovative solutions and proven expertise, Aqua Fine Engineering is ready to help you find the right water solution right now. Our innovations combine treatment processes into smaller, more efficient treatment packages. We have also developed alternate disinfection systems that don’t use chlorine. We deliver market-advancing technologies by offering systems and controls that allow treatment plants to use less energy in their operations, and plant audits that identify energy saving opportunities.


Aqua Fine Engineering has a client-base of about 6000 dignified & majestic customers including Local,  National & Multinational Companies & Organizations. Aqua Fine Engineering Supplied household and commercial water purifying systems in large scale to personal level and business houses in the country. Successfully accomplished the supply of massive capacity water purifiers which are being used by UN contingent of Bangladesh army, Bangladesh Navy & Bangladesh Police. Orders for execution of similar supplies to above authorities are under process.

Aqua Fine Engineering (Provides For the Client)

Capable for fabricating, designing, installing and commissioning of ETP as well as WTP and Supply off all capital machinery, spare parts, raw materials & consumable items for the following industries

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Quality : We are committed to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations by:

* Continuous improvement on Idea Cycle and Knowledge Management

* Defect free product quality

* Exceptional customer service

* Flawless execution and start up


Company Name

Item Country
Deng Yuan Industries Co. Ltd. Water Treatment equipments Taiwan
Soon Nagi SDN BHD Water Treatment equipments Malaysia
NM Packaging Packaging Materials Malaysia
So-Safe Water Treatment equipments U.S.A./UAE
Gulf Closures W.L.L Closures Manufacturer. Bahrain
MMP Filtration Water Treatment equipments U.S.A
Wedeco UV Lamp U.S.A
Techno Food Group Bottling Line Italy
LANSHAN RO Water Purifier Taiwan

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